Our understanding of the brain has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The field of neuroscience is bringing new insights into how our brains work and the opportunity to better understand why and how people behave, make decisions and relate to others. At the same time the demands on leaders and anyone who wants to thrive at work are increasing.

We need to perform, collaborate, innovate and remain agile to navigate complexity and succeed in today’s complex, interconnected workplaces. Neuroscience offers strategies to optimise the brain’s performance and increase people’s capacity to lead themselves and others in fast-changing global environments.

Neuroscience of Leadership is a one-day program equipping you with the critical knowledge and skills to harness the brain’s potential and lead yourself and others to success. It explores the science of leadership, personal effectiveness, creativity, relationships and change, enabling you to apply this knowledge to challenges and opportunities you face as a leader.

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