Creating a thriving culture that boosts innovation, collaboration and learning.

Happy people tend to be more creative and productive at work. They can see the big picture, generate more creative ideas, collaborate and build enduring social connections. In a world where organisations require people to co-create innovative, market-leading solutions, solve increasingly complex problems, and make quick decisions under pressure, harnessing the brain’s creative potential has never been so vital. Yet modern workplaces are seldom geared toward a culture where creativity thrives. In fact, they often create conditions that narrow rather than expand thinking. By focussing on building a positive emotional climate that enables people’s brains to perform at their creative best, organisations can boost creative output, collaboration and learning.

This thought-provoking and inspiring keynote or masterclass explores:

  • The impact of employee mood and emotions on innovative thinking, decision-making and results
  • The brain on creativity and how to generate more creative and better quality solutions
  • Creating brain-friendly workplaces and learning environments that optimise creativity and team performance.

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