Positive practices to increase wellbeing, engagement and performance

A positive workplace culture can go a long way toward helping people feel happy, engaged and committed at work. Employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing are all factors that drive business outcomes and performance. When people feel happy, valued, satisfied and purposeful at work they typically do far better than those who do not, leading to a more positive, thriving and sustainable workplace culture.

Positive psychology applies a fresh lens to help people flourish and succeed—focus on what is working well and how it can work even better. A focus often lacking in workplaces today, and one that is particularly important when you consider our brains are biased toward the negative.

This thought-provoking and inspiring session explores:

  • Why do we need to prime people and workplaces for the positive?
  • How can we create a workplace culture that boosts positive emotions, engagement and meaning?
  • How can we create upward spirals of performance and wellbeing that benefit ourselves, our organisations and our teams?

Please note: This keynote can also be run as an Executive Masterclass

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