Applying positive psychology to generate business results.

The most important asset in any organisation is its people. Yet people are often forgotten, under-leveraged and impacted, as organisations strive for higher productivity, cost-reduction and results. In fact, people who feel happy, valued and satisfied at work typically do far better than those who feel pressured and undervalued.

Happy employees are more engaged and likely go beyond their job requirements to give their best effort, working harder, more productively and more collaboratively than less satisfied peers and this translates directly into better business performance and financial results that are sustainable over time.

This thought-provoking and inspiring keynote or masterclass explores:

  • The evidence and business case for positive psychology at work
  • Harnessing positive emotions to drive employee engagement, performance and wellbeing upwards
  • Positive approaches to sustain performance in individuals, organisations and teams
  • Moving from a negative to a positive mindset to get the best out of people

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