Why money can buy happiness – using positive psychology strategies to create an upward spiral.

What makes us happy? Is it an increase in our wealth and material trappings of success, or a life rich in meaning that leads us to feel we are living the good life?

Economists and positive psychologists have analysed the links between income and happiness and found that those with higher incomes are generally happier. Neuroscience is also shows that our brains light up when we discover something shiny, new and cool. Yet our pursuit for status symbols and more stuff, doesn’t necessarily make us more satisfied with life. Instant gratification comes at a price. Research shows that people often revert back to previous levels of happiness after a windfall and those who spend their money on experiences instead of things ultimately value them more.

So how do we balance the two? Sue shares her story of her quest for the perfect Prada handbag and how a holiday in Italy helped her understand the secret to lasting happiness.

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