A positive framework for developing extraordinary leaders.

Traditional leadership approaches often focus on identifying and solving problems that prevent organisations from reaching optimal performance. Positive Leadership encourages leaders to deviate from the norm to actively create the outcomes they and others aspire to, generating remarkable results.

Drawn from the theory and research of Positive Organisational Scholarship, Positive Leadership offers a new lens on developing leaders who become powerful enablers of organisational performance and transformation. Positive leaders engage people by emphasising what elevates them, what they do well, and how they can be inspired to deliver extraordinary performance.

They focus on cultivating positive climate, building positive relationships, facilitating positive communication and connecting people to positive values and meaning.

This thought-provoking and inspiring keynote or masterclass explores:

  • The evidence and business case for positive leadership
  • A framework for developing positive leaders that accelerates positive culture, engagement and performance
  • Broadening and building individual and organisational resources through positive leadership.

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