The science and practice of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business today. Soft skills such as empathy and listening rank highest among the qualities and competencies of successful global leaders and C-level executives. Emotional Intelligence (EI) underpins these skills, giving people self-awareness, understanding of others, personal resilience, and the ability to influence others. They are more able to solve problems more quickly and effectively and achieve better outcomes in diverse and complex workplaces. By understanding the science behind emotional intelligence and how to accurately assess, predict and develop emotional intelligence, businesses can take a far more targeted approach to selecting and developing people.

This thought-provoking and inspiring keynote or masterclass explores:

  • The evidence and business case for emotional intelligence at work
  • How and why emotions influence thinking, behaviour, performance, decision-making and results
  • Practical applications of emotional intelligence for leadership, engagement, sales, service, teamwork and risk management
  • Emotional intelligence initiatives that have driven performance in top organisations.

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