Do your organisation’s policies focus on what employees shouldn’t do? Positive language in HR processes improves productivity and engagement and employee health.

Sue Langley spoke to HR Daily. Here is an excerpt of the article.

HR professionals should be working to incorporate positive language into everything from advertising and recruiting to induction, policy writing and performance management.

“We’re trying to get people to think of HR holistically,” she says. “If you look at what we think of as ‘positive HR’, it includes the entire employee lifecycle.

“We help clients look at all their forms, all their procedures and processes, and say: Are they written from a positive psychology perspective? Can we remove the negative language so it’s really creating a positive culture from the minute an employee joins the business?”

The benefits of a more positive workplace go far beyond increased productivity, she says. Experiencing more positive emotions also broadens a person’s way of thinking and builds their resources so they become more resilient, satisfied and engaged at work.

Read the full article in HR Daily.

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