Interview with Sue Langley by Dr Michelle Pzier, for Crack the Leadership Code, an online leadership summit.

Cracking the leadership code is about largely about leading people to be the best they can be, says Sue Langley. Sue spoke at Dr. Michelle Pizer’s online summit, Crack the Leadership Code, which kicked off on July 21st 2014. Over 21 days of practical learning and expert tips by top leadership experts, the summit shared leadership skills from conversational intelligence to finding your charisma and cultivating talent in today’s changing business environment.

Here are some of the things Sue feels make the biggest difference to becoming a great leader:

  • Build a firm foundation with a clear purpose, vision and values and make sure you live it every day.
  • Focus on creating an environment where people can flourish; as people strive to be the best they can be, great results will naturally follow.
  • Learn to manage yourself and your emotions; your mindset and behaviour as a leader can have the greatest impact on the emotional climate of the people you lead, and therefore their engagement and your business performance.

These insights and many more, including practical tips on how to be more mindful at work, build empathy with clients and increase your confidence and authenticity as a leader.

Download the free eBook on Leading with the Brain in Mind Sue Langley offered to Crack the Leadership Code delegates.

Listen to the audio. 30mins.

Sue’s interview is reproduced with permission.
Interview Sue
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