Leveraging talent for greater innovation and success.

The demand for diversity on boards is growing–we want more woman, younger people, and a greater diversity of thinking at the top. That diversity on boards is good for business is widely accepted; what is less understood is how to achieve and sustain a level of diversity that drives innovation and business success.

This white paper by Sue Langley unpacks some of the key issues affecting boardroom diversity and explores four critical success factors to help boards select, support and leverage the wider range of talent and ideas that exist in our workplaces and societies.

It brings together the latest research on board dynamics and performance with approaches from neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. You will learn:

  • Why diversity on boards is important and what kind
  • Challenges and barriers boards face around diversity including our brain’s leaning toward unconscious bias
  • Four critical success factors to leverage talent and improve board performance,

Plus a range of recommendations and quick wins to get more women and diverse talent on board.

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