Sue Langley

Sue Langley is a leading advisor on the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology at work. A self-professed ‘brain-nerd’ who turns science into simple, practical tools anyone can use, Sue is ideally placed to speak about harnessing the brain’s potential. Her original research on creativity, positive emotions and brain training shines new light on how our brains work and what we need to function at our best.

A recognised thought leader in her field, Sue was the emotional intelligence expert in the ABC TV series Redesign My Brain, broadcast on the Science Channel in the US as Hack My Brain. She has appeared on Channel 7 News, ABC Radio, The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, HR Daily and Smart Company. She was recently interviewed in Connected Worlds, a thought-leadership anthology, along-side Seth Godin and Melinda Gates.

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Sue Langley, emotional intelligence expert, with Todd Sampson in the TV show Redesign My Brain, aired on the Science Channel as Hack my Brain. Video 6 mins.

Media topics

Sue Langley’s media topics include: neuroscience and the brain, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, leadership and business performance, creativity and innovation, happiness and wellbeing, wellbeing for teacher, children and schools

What people say about Sue Langley

Sue Langley recently presented at a CPA Australia conference and was wonderful to work with. She has a unique talent of breaking down complex, scientific information into something our audience could take away and start implementing straight away. I look forward to working again with Sue in the future.
Vicky Mrowinski, Product Development Executive, CPA Australia
What sets Sue Langley and the Langley Group apart from other experts in emotional intelligence is their in-depth knowledge. They have a broader, deeper understanding of how to develop these new behaviours.
Farrell Platt, Sales Coach, Perpetual

Soundbites and hot topics

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