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Sue Langley turns science into simple and practical tools anyone can use, inspiring individuals, organisations and teams to be the best they can be. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Sue has taught thousands of business leaders, HR professionals and consultants how to harness the brain’s potential, create positive workplaces and be more intelligent about emotions.

Sue’s keynotes and executive masterclasses synthesise neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology into critical insights to get the best from people. She tailors each presentation to her audience and brings learning to life with fun, experiential activities and tangible techniques people can apply every day in work and life. Whether speaking to ten people or 1000, each keynote engages people and challenges them to think differently and start taking positive steps to transform the way they work and live.

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Keynote by Sue Langley at the Mind & Its Potential Conference. 18 mins.

Speaking topics

Sue Langley’s speaking topics include: The Neuroscience of Creativity, The Neuroscience of Change, The Neuroscience of Leadership, The Emotionally Intelligent Brain, Emotional Intelligence at Work, Everyone’s Got Talent and Positive Psychology at Work.

What people say about Sue Langley

The superlatives for your presentation included ”outstanding,” “wonderful,” “superb,” and “best yet!“
Ray Weekes, Chairman, The CEO Institute
Your contribution to the conference helped make it a wonderful and inspiring experience for our delegates.
Beth Phelan, Conference Director, Happiness & Its Causes, Mind & Its Potential and Young Minds
Sue recently presented at a CPA Australia conference and was wonderful to work with. She has a unique talent of breaking down complex, scientific information into something our audience could take away and start implementing straight away.
Vicky Mrowinski, Product Development Executive, CPA Australia
I got more out of the half hour I managed to see of Sue Langley’s session than the daylong workshop with another speaker yesterday. You have a more hands on and practical approach to the issues I want training on, including how the brain works and how to best deal with ‘difficult’ clients. I only wish I had heard more!
Julie Dalling, Financial Planner, Q Invest
Brilliant ideas to take back, positive energy.
Excellent presentation, very interactive.
Grabs audience attention, very informative.
Strong presence, relevant message.
Exciting… I could have spent a whole day listening to Sue Langley!
Conference delegates, Mind & Its Potential

Recent and upcoming speaking

Happiness & Its Causes, June 2015, Sydney
Happy and creative (keynote, panel)

Vivid Festival, Think Education, May 2015, Sydney
Positive and creative: Creating a thriving creative culture in organisations (keynote)

Happiness & Its Causes 2013, Brisbane and Perth
The emotionally intelligent brain (keynote)

Mind & Its Potential 2012, Sydney
The emotionally intelligent brain (keynote)
Neuroscience at work (keynote)

HR ANZ Summit 2015, Gold Coast
The neuroscience of creativity: Creating workplaces that generate innovation, collaboration and learning (masterclass)

HRINZ, in association with NZIM, August 2014, Wellington, Auckland
Positive leadership: A framework for developing extraordinary leaders (keynote)

HR ANZ Summit 2014, Gold Coast
The neuroscience of change: Minimising negative impact and maximising engagement, learning and reward during change (masterclass)

HR ANZ Summit 2013, Gold Coast
Everyone’s got talent: Maximising engagement and creating learning that builds on itself (masterclass)

Australian College of Health Services Management, Women in Health Leadership Symposium, May 2015, NSW
Wellbeing for women leaders

American Chamber of Commerce, March 2015, Perth
Positive leadership

Project Managers Institute, March 2015, Perth
The neuroscience of change

CEO Institute Summit, January 2015, Brisbane
Leading change with the brain in mind (keynote)

Australian Primary Principals Association, Annual Conference, October 2014
Principal wellbeing: Positive practices for leading and growing schools (keynote)

CEO Institute, September 2014, Brisbane
The neuroscience of leadership (keynote)

CPA Week, June 2014, National Roadshow
Emotional intelligence and sustainable work performance (masterclass)
How to be happy at work (masterclass)

RMIA Risk Odyssey, Risk Management Conference, May 2014
The neuroscience of hazard awareness (keynote)

Change Management Institute, 2014, National Roadshow
The neuroscience of change (masterclass)

Change Management Institute New Zealand, July 2013, Auckland
Managing change resistance (masterclass)

Financial Planners Association, Annual Conference 2011
The emotionally intelligent adviser

Six Degrees Executive, Thought Leadership Program, 2015
Applying positive psychology to generate business results (keynote)

Suncorp, Wellbeing Program, November 2014
Enhancing employee wellbeing (keynote)

Schneider Electric, Breakfast Series, National Roadshow, 2014
Positive leadership; employee engagement (keynotes)

Perpetual, Adviser Conference 2012
The emotionally intelligent adviser (workshop)

Oracle, OWL ANZ, 2012
Women in leadership (keynote)

UoW, Sydney Business School, Executive MBA Program, 2015
The neuroscience of leadership (masterclass)
Emotional intelligence at work (masterclass)
Managing people with emotional intelligence (workshop series)

UNSW Leadership Program, Keynote Lecture Series, March 2015
Realising your strengths and potential (keynote)

QUT, Learning Potential Fund, March 2015
Retraining your brain and realising your potential (breakfast)

11th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference, July 2015, Melbourne
The neuroscience of leadership (workshop)
Harnessing creativity at work (presentation)
Positive emotions and creativity at work (research presentation)

4th International Positive Psychology conference, June 2015, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Positive emotions and creativity at work (workshop)

NZ Association of Positive Psychology Conference, June 2015, Auckland
Bringing strengths to life in organisational practice (workshop)
Realising and developing strengths: Emerging research and practice (keynote)

49th Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference, September 2014, Hobart
Bringing strengths to life in organisational practice (workshop)
Realising and developing strengths: Emerging research and practice (keynote)

9th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, July 2014, Milan
The impact of brain training on creative thinking (research poster)

7th European Conference on Positive Psychology, July 2014, Amsterdam
The impact of emotion on creative thinking (research poster and presentation)

2nd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology, July 2014, Ottawa
The impact of emotion on creative thinking (research symposium and presentation)

2nd Emotional Intelligence African Summit, March 2014, Cape Town
Practical applications of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience (workshop)

2nd Emotional Intelligence Education Forum, March 2014, Cape Town
Growing great schools: A whole school approach to flourishing kids and communities (workshop)

4th Australian Positive Psychology and WellBeing Conference, February 2014, Melbourne
The impact of emotion on creative thinking (research poster)

NexusEQ 2013 @ Harvard, Boston
The neuroscience of creativity and learning in organisational practice (research presentation and workshop)

3rd World Congress on Positive Psychology 2013, Los Angeles
The impact of emotion on creative thinking (research poster)

48th Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference 2013, Cairns
Building positive psychology into your practice (workshop)

Happiness and Wellbeing @ Work Conference, Sydney 2010
Positive relationships at work (keynote)

2nd Australian Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Conference 2008
Conference chair and interactive session facilitator

Positive Psychology Conference 2009, UK
Creating a culture of unrelenting optimism (case study)

Positive Psychology Conference 2008, US
Creating a culture of unrelenting optimism (case study)

1st Australian Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Conference 2008
Creating a culture of unrelenting optimism (case study)

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