If you’re interested in neuroscience and the brain’s potential, don’t miss HACK MY BRAIN on the Science Channel this week!

This three-hour special takes brain training to a whole new level. Produced by Mindful Media, Hack My Brain is a hit show was first aired in Australia on the ABC.

I’m the emotional intelligence expert helping host, adventurer and entrepreneur Todd Sampson as he works to take his brain from “average Joe” to ”memory champion” to escape artist in just a few months!

“We set out to prove that anyone, regardless of their station in life, has the ability to improve their brain,” says Todd. “It was a remarkable journey and I’m absolutely thrilled that the Science Channel – the brainiest channel on TV – is bringing it to America.”

So am I.

Read more about Hack My Brain or watch a clip (6 minutes) of my segment in the show.

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