Everyone’s Got Talent

Strengths-based approaches to talent and performance.
It is tempting to focus on bridging gaps and improving weaknesses when we want to guide people and organisations to […]

The Neuroscience of Creativity


Creating a thriving culture that boosts innovation, collaboration and learning.
Happy people tend to be more creative and productive at work. They can see the big […]

The Neuroscience of Change

Minimising negative impact and maximising engagement during change.
When organisations or government departments embark on large-scale change initiatives, whether to cut costs, institute reform, acquire assets […]

Keynote: The Emotionally Intelligent Brain


Keynote by Sue Langley at the Mind & Its Potential Conference.
What is emotional intelligence? And how can you tap into your brain’s ability to be […]

Positive Psychology at Work

Applying positive psychology to generate business results.
The most important asset in any organisation is its people. Yet people are often forgotten, under-leveraged and impacted, as […]

Emotional Intelligence at Work

The science and practice of emotional intelligence.
Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business today. Soft skills such as empathy and listening rank highest among […]

Positive Leadership

A positive framework for developing extraordinary leaders.
Traditional leadership approaches often focus on identifying and solving problems that prevent organisations from reaching optimal performance. Positive Leadership […]