Radio and podcast appearances

Meditalk Podcast – Does our Emotional Intelligence affect our health?

Have you ever wondered how much our thoughts and our emotions affect how we feel? Does what we think affect our physical health? When you are feeling tired after a long day at work, feeling stressed, exhausted, and lacking self-awareness, you may be more inclined to eat unhealthy foods, drink alcohol or smoke, which [...]

2019-01-28T09:52:14+00:00January 24th, 2019|Audio|

ABC Radio: Leadership in Mind

ABC Radio National's Lynne Malcolm - All in the Mind, focusing on "The mind of a leader" featuring an interview with Sue Langley. Lynne discusses the Documentary "Make Me a Leader" and her programme explores the emerging psychology and neuroscience of good leadership. "The way that we do things has changed, people want more meaning [...]

2018-07-24T05:44:28+00:00July 22nd, 2018|Audio|

Australian Talent Conference 2017 Interview

Sue Langley, David Guazzarotto and Jared Cameron from Future Knowledge share a few fascinating lessons from neuroscience and positive psychology in this recorded interview. Listen to the highlights from Sue’s keynote speech, and how strengths, positive psychology and understanding how the brain works can improve the way we interpret and understand others, make us better [...]

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AMCHAM Podcast: A Roadmap To Positive Leadership

Podcast Interview with Sue Langley. Sue joined Mike Schoettler from the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) on their business podcast to discuss positive leadership. Sue and Mike discussed a roadmap to positive leadership and the strategies leaders can use to facilitate positive organisational climate, create positive relationships, develop positive communication and foster a sense of meaning for [...]

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Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience

Interview with Sue Langley by Robin Hills. Sue Langley spoke to Robin Hills about the Langley Group’s work in organisations, with practitioners and in schools. In particular she talks about the link between positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, and why she feels these three fields are so intertwined and critical. Listen to the audio. 10mins. [...]

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Cracking the leadership code

Interview with Sue Langley by Dr Michelle Pzier, for Crack the Leadership Code, an online leadership summit. Cracking the leadership code is about largely about leading people to be the best they can be, says Sue Langley. Sue spoke at Dr. Michelle Pizer’s online summit, Crack the Leadership Code, which kicked off on July 21st [...]

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