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Book chapter: Facilitating Positive Emotions for Greater Creativity and Innovation

Book/Volume:14  Creativity is increasingly vital to competitive advantage. Leaders are under growing pressure to generate a creative output from themselves and their teams, and human capital managers and consultants are increasingly called to facilitate and build a climate that promotes innovation. Positive emotions are beneficial for big picture, creative, innovative thinking (Fredrickson, 2001; Fredrickson & [...]

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Keynote: Positive Psychology and Prada – Happiness and its Causes 2018

Sue was invited back due to popular demand to present a keynote at the 2018 Happiness and its Causes conference (The Wellness Show). This year's keynote was entitled - Positive Psychology and Prada.

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ABC Radio: Leadership in Mind

ABC Radio National's Lynne Malcolm - All in the Mind, focusing on "The mind of a leader" featuring an interview with Sue Langley. Lynne discusses the Documentary "Make Me a Leader" and her programme explores the emerging psychology and neuroscience of good leadership. "The way that we do things has changed, people want more meaning [...]

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Documentary Film: Make Me A Leader

Documentary featuring Sue Langley. Directed and Produced by Silvia Damiano, this is a feature-length documentary on how leaders can optimise brain and body performance to thrive in the 21st Century. Sue Langley was one of the featured experts. The film premiered at the cinema on 25 July 2018, and launched online 26 July 2018. For [...]

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Australian Talent Conference 2017 Interview

Sue Langley, David Guazzarotto and Jared Cameron from Future Knowledge share a few fascinating lessons from neuroscience and positive psychology in this recorded interview. Listen to the highlights from Sue’s keynote speech, and how strengths, positive psychology and understanding how the brain works can improve the way we interpret and understand others, make us better [...]

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