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David manages business systems, information and communication technology, video production and logistics at the Langley Group.

Meditalk Podcast – Does our Emotional Intelligence affect our health?

Have you ever wondered how much our thoughts and our emotions affect how we feel? Does what we think affect our physical health? When you are feeling tired after a long day at work, feeling stressed, exhausted, and lacking self-awareness, you may be more inclined to eat unhealthy foods, drink alcohol or smoke, which [...]

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Sue Langley Mind and Its Potential 2012

Keynote by Sue Langley at the Mind & Its Potential Conference. What is emotional intelligence? And how can you tap into your brain’s ability to be more emotionally intelligent? Sue Langley spoke at the Mind & Its Potential Conference in Sydney in 2012 about how emotions work in the brain and what you need to know to be more intelligent about emotions at home and at work.

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